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Buying, selling or just keeping an eye on the property market - don’t be outfoxed!

The key to buying and selling property is understanding the real estate market. AuctionFox is the smart way to help you stay on top of the property market.

Never miss an auction

We've got the property market covered - receive detailed results for every real estate auction in your area as it happens.

Save your weekends

Save your time by letting us do all of the auction leg work for you. Receive detailed real estate auction results direct to your phone.

Get the best deal

Use our independently collected real estate auction data to inform your property buying and/or selling decisions.

How it works

Find and follow auctions

Find upcoming real estate auctions in your local area(s) of interest

Follow any auctions that catch your interest to create your own shortlist and stay informed

Receive helpful auction reminders and results notifications for all your followed auctions

Watch auctions live and get detailed results

Watch auctions streamed live via the AuctionFox app on your smartphone

Receive detailed auction bidding information to find out exactly what happened - not just the final result

See the opening bid amount, number of bids, bidders, vendor bids, and even the crowd size

Take advantage of passed-in auction opportunities

Be one of the first to know when a property passes-in

Use the detailed auction bidding data provided to determine your interest and possible offer

Get in touch with the real estate agent straight away via the AuctionFox app

We’re just starting out and only in a handful of areas now. We’d still love you to check out the app. Otherwise suggest a suburb(s) to help us work out where to go next.

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