We love real estate auctions!

There’s something about the action and tension of a real estate auction that's pretty exciting!

From the opening bid to the fall of the auctioneer's hammer, a good real estate auction is not just great entertainment, it also provides a treasure trove of important property data and insights in to the local property market. How competitive was the auction? How many bidders showed up? How many bids did they make?

Whether you’re an avid property auction watcher like us, work in the real estate industry, looking to buy or sell your home or property investment, or are just keeping an eye on the property market, we wanted to provide a simple, smart and effective way for you to stay on top of the real estate market and empower you with valuable property data to make informed property decisions.

We’ve assembled a troop of dedicated foxes that will cover the real estate auction market to ensure you never get outfoxed! Don't worry - no animals will be hurt to bring you this information!



Marcus has been attending real estate auctions since he was a cub. When he finally left the family den he was the under-bidder at five property auctions before snaring his own passed-in auction opportunity. He’s worked in digital media for 15 years in strategy and commercial development roles. He is not a fan of fur or hunting.


Stewart can sniff out an opportunity, and when he saw the number of people attending real estate auctions every week he knew there was a better way to capture property data. With over 12 years working in digital media, he’s cunning when it comes to designing our app to deliver the best experience possible. Stewart is also not into fur or hunting.