We're just starting out in our quest to make the property buying and selling experience as transparent as possible. Here are answers to some of your questions...

Where can I download the AuctionFox app?

The AuctionFox app is now available to download in the Australian Apple AppStore – click here.

We will also be available in Google Play very soon.  Please sign up so we can let you know as soon as it is available. Click here to sign up now!

What does the app cost?

The AuctionFox app is completely free to download and use.  And we don’t ask you for any of your personal information.

How many real estate auctions do you cover?

We attend all residential property public auctions in each suburb (postcode) every week so you will never miss an auction!

Which suburbs do you cover?

Our aim is to cover every residential property auction in Australia – but initially we are focusing on the following suburbs in Melbourne: Abbotsford, Balwyn, Balwyn North, Bentleigh, Bentleigh East, Kingsville, McKinnon, Richmond, Seddon and Yarraville.

We will be rolling out new suburbs every month, so sign up and we’ll let you know when we’re in your area.  Click here to sign up now!

What property information is available?

In addition to property location, you can see photos and a description of the property (number of bedrooms, bathrooms, car spaces etc).  We also include real estate agent contact information and upcoming open for inspection times.

What real estate auction information is available?

We provide detailed real estate auction data on every property.  In the lead-up to the property auction this includes the auction date and time.  As soon as the real estate auction has concluded we will publish the results, including the opening auction bid amount, the number of bidders, the number of bids (including vendor bids), the final bid amount and the result (sold or passed-in).

How do you collect the real estate auction results?

We have a team of dedicated auction foxes that attend the auctions and record the data.  They are independent of the real estate agent and all data is verified. To become a fox sign up here.

How do I receive real estate auction result notifications?

If you are interested in a particular property auction all you need to do is click on the follow button on the property listing in the app.  By following the auction you will receive a notification of the results as soon as they are published at the end of the real estate auction. You can change the notifications you wish to receive in the notification setting of app.  Remember to allow notifications for AuctionFox in your app settings in order to receive notifications.

How can I watch real estate auction videos?

Every week we’ll be featuring live real estate auction videos streamed through the AuctionFox app.  Not all property auctions will be featured, but a selection of the best and most followed auctions will be.  To see if an auction you are interested in is being streamed look for the video player icon on the property listing.  Streamed videos can also be played back after the auction.